1. You are one of the esteemed BCA appointed by Yuva Pay and approved by Yes Bank Limited. Yuva Pay is the Safest, Most Secured Digital Payment System Application of India.
  2. Yuva Pay branding can’t be used for Your business promotion. Yuva Pay is only providing a platform for digital transactions like bill pay, recharge etc.
  3. You can use the Yuva Pay for accepting payments for services or goods.
  4. You can’t charge a different price to different customers for the same products and/or services. You should not sell/trade any banned items under laws.
  5. You can’t ask debit or credit card detail of the customer. The transaction should take place through the available channels of Yuva Pay.
  6. Your Business QR Code is completely free. This QR code should be displayed at a prominently visible place for the easy process of scan and pay to customers.
  7. Yuva Pay will ensure installation of all the promotional materials including mandatory signage and display of Marcoms.
  8. You will get training on the Offering of Remittances Service from Yuva Pay and Yes bank. Upon successful completion of training, Yuva Pay will provide Training completion certificate.
  9. You should ensure to display the certificate issued by Yuva Pay, schedule of charges and fees to be charged by Yuva Pay to customer and escalation matrix of Yuva Pay at Your premises.
  10. Security deposit of 10,000 will be charged during onboarding; the same will be returned when You opt-out of Yuva Pay by deducting any dues.
  11. You need to transfer a sufficient amount to Yuva Pay’s bank account beforehand; in turn, Yuva Pay will top-up Your wallet with an equal amount for smooth customers daily digital transactions.
  12. Yuva Pay charges transaction fees of 0.5% + GST towards every P2M transactions. Yuva Pay doesn’t charge any setup or annual maintenance fees.
  13. You will get the benefit of 0.5% - 3% commission based on various customer digital transactions like bill pay, recharge etc.
  14. Yuva Pay will deal with all Your complaints in a transparent and timely manner. To resolve Your query for different issues with Yuva Pay, please call our dedicated helpline number 08061914400 or send email to support@yuvapay.com.
    1. First response time – 2 working days
    2. Final resolution time – 5 working days
  15. Your settlement payments are transferred to Your bank account on the same day on or before 08:00 PM for all transaction occurred till 04:00 PM. Multiple bank accounts settlement is not supported. A real-time SMS/Email will alert the settlement. You can expect a delay of settlement on bank holidays and on Sundays.
  16. You can track all collections, payments, and reconciliation settlements related information from Yuva Pay BCA App on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can confirm them by matching Tran-ID available in SMS/Email with Tran-ID in App.
  17. You should ensure that always capture and pass correct and valid information to the Yuva Pay, including but not limited to customer details, bill details, payment details, and charges. You should adhere to and is in compliance with the standards for handling customer transactions.
  18. You shall be liable for any and all losses and expenses of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from any dishonest, negligent, criminal, fraudulent act or for breach of any obligations as contemplated herein.
  19. You should not discriminate the customers on the basis of customers’ caste, gender, financial status, race, religion, etc. Yuva Pay shall have the right to delist You in case of serious or persistent violations, defaults, non-compliance, frauds, frequent customer complaints, serious misdemeanor, and such other causes.
  20. You are obliged to allow and shall facilitate the Yuva Pay, Yes Bank, NPCI, and/or other Authority to inspect, supervise and conduct a test on premises, documentary records, all systems, equipment & software programs. You should have proper proof of service for bill payment in case of any dispute in relation to cancellation or reverse transactions and should not raise any objections to the reversal or any other transactions.
  21. You should adhere to transaction limits as prescribed under the applicable law including but not limited to procedural guidelines for BBPS and UPI issued by NPCI and as per Yes Bank’s policy.
  22. If You found to be erring/noncomplying with directives, Yuva Pay may its sole discretion take action against You which shall include but not limited to (i) issuing show cause notice (ii) levying a penalty of 500 per such instance.
  23. You should irrevocably and unconditionally undertake to indemnify and keep the Yuva Pay and Yes Bank indemnified against all or any loss, damage, cost, expenses, penalties and charges that may be incurred by and/ or caused, arising out of your appointment as a BCA.
  24. Yuva Pay or Yes Bank shall not be liable for damages caused by failure or delay in performance of the obligations in the events such as fire, accident, riots, flood, earthquake, storm, or any other natural calamity, terrorist activities, war, insurgency activities, any governmental/municipal action or other force majeure events, which are unavoidable and uncontrollable despite reasonable measures having been taken. However, You shall immediately notify Us to take all necessary action to minimize and overcome the consequences of the force majeure event and provide corresponding evidence.
  25. Disclaimer of Liability:
    1. The BCA acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances whatsoever shall Yuva Pay be liable for any sale or purchase of goods or services by the BCA, including without limitation to any breach by Yuva Pay of Yuva Pay’s terms and conditions, any product warranty or other third-party liability, any necessary refunds, replacements or repairs, and any late payment by any of the BCA’s customers or vendors. The BCA shall indemnify and hold faultless Yuva Pay and Yuva Pay’s affiliates, employees, officers and other representatives in full against any and all losses, damages and third-party claims which may arise from any sale or purchase of goods or services which is facilitated by the Services hereunder, including without limitation any product liability claims and any claims made by Yuva Pay for late payment.
    2. The BCA further acknowledges and agrees that (i) the performance of Yuva Pay’s obligations hereunder relies in part on services rendered by third parties; and (ii) under no circumstances shall Yuva Pay be liable to the BCA for any damages, losses or third party claims which may arise as a result of the failure or delay of the aforesaid third parties to provide services to Yuva Pay, provided that whenever such a failure or delay occurs, Yuva Pay shall inform the BCA of the same as soon as practicable.
    3. The BCA shall be solely liable for any complaints, goods rejections or disputes arising out of the illegal, false, outdated or incomplete transaction information. The goods and services traded and offered by the BCA shall be fully compliant with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Yuva Pay reserves the right to refuse to provide services in respect of any such prohibited goods and services. If the BCA causes any transaction to be completed by deceit, concealment or otherwise, it shall indemnify Yuva Pay in full against any and all losses arising from the same.
  26. You can find detailed Terms and Conditions on www.yuvapay.com. Subject to the above, all claims, differences and disputes arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, or the relationship between the BCA and Yuva Pay shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Udupi, and You hereby accept the jurisdiction of such courts.